Chapter 8
Recommendations for reform

Operational changes

8.24Sometimes, legislative change is not the only way to achieve the objectives of reform. In this case, the problems identified indicate that operational changes are not sufficient to achieve the objectives but should be part of the package of reforms. We make the following recommendations for operational changes:


8.25These reforms would primarily serve the purpose of raising the awareness of the significance of strangulation. Increased awareness should in turn promote better decision making by persons who have contact with victims of family violence.

8.26Amending the family violence incident report will prompt Police to ask about strangulation in a family violence call-out even when it is not specifically reported or there are no obvious visible signs. Specifically noting strangulation in NIA would enable that information to be available to Police and prosecutors dealing with subsequent offending behaviour or providing information to judges for bail decisions or protection orders. It would also enable statistics to be gathered on the prevalence of strangulation—something that is not currently possible.