Chapter 7
Additional options for reform

Recording strangulation

7.12In Chapter 4, we described the Police and Ministry of Justice systems for recording family violence incidents and their criminal justice outcomes. We consider that two changes to these systems would help to provide appropriate accountability for perpetrators and better decision making to keep victims safe.

7.13First, the POL 1310 document should be amended to ask a specific question about strangulation. This would ensure that Police attending family violence call-outs are prompted to ask about strangulation and to document any evidence of it.

7.14Second, strangulation should be specifically noted in the National Intelligence Application (NIA). When Police or prosecutors subsequently refer to NIA for information on call-outs and previous offending to inform bail decisions or protection orders, it is important that any previous strangulation is apparent on the record so that the risk of future fatality can be taken into account.